Earn with Zero Investment Easy Online Jobs for Students


Students are almost always in need of money and looking out for options of online jobs for students, even when there isn’t a global pandemic that has everybody in the entire world walking on a tightrope of uncertainty. We require funds for books, stationery, tuitions, fancy meals, and/or frequent outings that parents don’t pay for, gifts for friends, and ambitious career plans such as studying abroad. I’m sure we could add more reasons to the list of ‘How and why our pockets are perpetually empty’, but why bore you with information that you already have?

Let us think about how to fill your pockets instead, in the most convenient way conceivable to man-Online jobs!

There are a host of online jobs for students that require no investments and pay well!

Are there any Online Jobs for College Students?

College-going students can easily do not one but multiple online jobs at the same time. In fact, you could be doing two jobs that require a uniquely different list of tasks to be completed together to make that extra income. The online internships that are offered by many websites like LinkedIn and Internshala are, therefore, the most prominent options. This is because they not only provide you a good income but also certificates that add more value to your resume. Hence, preparing you for stepping into the professional world fully prepared. Moreover, it also gives you an edge over others to be more known for your work.

How can I Make Money Online as a Student?

Freelancing is one way in which most of the students these days are earning money by working part-time. Freelancing covers many online jobs for students.

For instance,

  • Content Writing,
  • Video editing,
  • Translation,
  • Video Making,
  • Photography,
  • Marketing
  • Social media handling etc.

All this freelancing work only requires about 2 to 4 hours in a day to get you a decent income. Meanwhile, you can choose to work only on weekends and during your vacations. This way, it keeps elevating your skills, you utilize your spare time into doing something productive, and also earn money in dollars.

List of Online Earning Opportunities for Students

The lockdown of 2020 has brought with it a lot of boredom in everyone’s life. How do you spend these days as a student? Like me, do you also spend all your nights watching Netflix? And of course, the days attending endless online classes? Well, I’m no motivational speaker or life coach but don’t you think you should be doing something better during this time rather just wasting your internet doing useless activities.

Online jobs, therefore, are the most effective way to utilize this time. It’s a great way to elevate your skills, make an income, and get rid of the boredom that staying at home has brought with it. So, to make your search for online jobs for students easier, we bring to you the 15 best online jobs for students without investment. Read on, and thank us later when, starting next month you will always have extra cash and no longer call home on the 15th of every month for emergency funding, teehee.

Online Tutoring

Are you that friend in your circle who teaches everyone at the last minute of an exam? Are you good at explaining concepts simply? If yes, then why not help other students have a better educational experience, and at the same time, fill your pockets with sizable amounts of cash. One way to do this is through online tutoring. Likewise, finding online tutoring opportunities is no big deal in today’s times. One such way is through becoming an expert at Chegg.

trackerforyou is an e-learning portal that gives you the ability to earn money by answering student queries online. It is one place that makes you explore your potential as a teacher. For this, you just need to sign up as an expert on the website. It is the best for the students who aspire to be a professor someday. Simultaneously, you don’t even need to learn or study anything else other than your course. Plus, your own subject knowledge gets expanded when you teach others. This helps you score better than others in your field of study.

There are 3 simple steps to follow to get you started:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Online Screening
  3. Verification

Congratulations, you’re an expert now.

So, start answering and make money easily. The best part is that you are paid on per answer basis. Hence, the more questions you answer, the higher income you can make. If you are still not sure then the website even has all the frequently asked questions about expert opportunities. Henceforth, the eligibility criteria of your chosen subject can be easily checked on the portal.

Content Writing

If you are creative, can whip up a 500 word-article in half an hour, have a head buzzing with ideas waiting to take tangible form, you might want to consider one of the most elegant and sought-after online jobs for students- Content Writing!

To excel in this and quickly earn money online in India without any investments, you should be punctual and resourceful. (Deadlines must be met, no excuses)

Also, steer away from plagiarism!

There are a variety of opportunities to be explored in this area, including writing for popular blogs, SEO content writing, article writing, editing and proofreading, and the likes.

Explore this and other similar opportunities for online jobs for students without investment.

Working as a Transcriptionist

This option of online jobs for students without investment, like data-entry, except with a little more effort. As a transcriptionist, you will be given audio files that need to be transcribed into a written format. It is an easy and well-paying online job for students from home if you have a good typing speed and attention span. The faster you type, the more material you can work on and the more money you can make!

Easy enough, isn’t it?

Freelance Web Developer

Web development is an upcoming and lucrative profession that opens up a bunch of online jobs for students from home. The name might sound scary, but for a lot of these jobs, you don’t require advanced training at all!

(Although advanced knowledge can’t hurt, and you should have it for more work from home jobs without investment in the future)

For many projects that are looking for freelancers, knowledge of basic WordPress sites, and how to handle them is sufficient.

So, if you are digitally suave and are keen to creatively experiment with your talents, give web-development ago!

They are an interesting part-time job opportunity without any investment!

Translation Jobs

If you know a foreign language or multiple languages, this is a great opportunity for you to encash this skill of yours, pun intended. Apply for translation jobs that require you to work from home without investment. There are plenty available, and if you have the patience and skill level to fulfill their requirements, you’ve got heaps of cash coming your way!

This is a simple option of online jobs for students, and has a wonderful scope for growth and experience!

Survey Taking

For all the time somebody has told you that your opinions aren’t worth anything, you can now have a legitimate argument in your support! Taking online surveys is an easy, fun, and efficient way for students to earn money by working from home!

All you need to do is look for surveys that pay you to complete them. The average survey length ranges anywhere from 4-12 minutes- and you get paid for finishing them!

Could it get any better?

PPC- Marketer

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Marketing is an advertising tool used by brands and other companies. As a PPC Marketeer, you need to help in developing these ads, either using Google Adsense, or some other tool that your employer provides. These online jobs for students do not require extensive computer knowledge or even coding knowledge.

You just need to read and learn the basics of PPC. And you are all set to make the most of it! You learn as you go! One could not ask for better online work without investment that is challenging as well as decently paying!

Virtual Assistant

If you have basic computer knowledge, good communication skills, and are efficient and organized, one of the free online jobs for students without investment that would suit you is becoming a virtual assistant. Your basic job description would involve maintaining records on excel, writing reports, etc.

You can do this either as a freelancer or as a regular paid employee, depending upon your working style.

Therefore, It is a rewarding online jobs for students.

Social Media Marketing

All companies require a social media presence to enhance their growth and this is the work they usually outsource to students and freelancers. You don’t need any special skills to excel in this online work from home job for college students. Creativity, punctuality, passion, and being ‘social media savvy’ is pretty much all there is to it. Hence, this is an excellent online jobs for students without investment.

This is also a field with immense opportunities and exposure, so you won’t go wrong in trying it out.

Become a Youtuber or Digital Influencer

If working for anyone is not your calling at all, then one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to earn money online without investments for students is to become an influencer. Similarly, a content creator on Youtube or other digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. (Or, all at once)

This isn’t easy cash, to be honest. It will take hard work and elbow grease, but, if you are passionate and determined enough to make it work, the dream will come true!

Freelance Editor

Do you love reading books? Are you a grammar Nazi? Does reading something and finding a basic error piss you off? Well, if your answer is yes then let me tell you that this too is a skill. And you can use this skill to make money. How? Simply by becoming a freelance editor. The main job of a freelance editor revolves around reading different materials. Examples are drafts of books, magazines, newspapers, website content, and social media content. Accordingly, there are many jobs of proofreading and editing available online. Any student can easily take up the task of Proofreading these materials before they get published.

Graphic Designer

This one is for the creative minds who love designing and playing with colors and animations. Graphic designers are the people who design and edit photographs, videos and make them more appealing to reach the target audience. Currently, the popularity of social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube has increased the demand for graphic designers.

Here are some examples of the jobs that a graphic designer does:

  • Firstly, big companies hire graphic designers for making promotive materials like posters and banners for their business needs.
  • Secondly, influencers need them for their social media posts and photographs.
  • Thirdly, new-age startups and individuals who need a logo for personal branding also pay them a good amount for minimum work.
  • Lastly, they also carry out the making of posters, pamphlets, business cards, etc.

In short, only 2 to 3 hours of work a day makes you earn a decent. Therefore, it is one of the best online jobs for students.

Video Captioning

Have you ever watched a movie with subtitles? Who do you think forms the text that the actors say within those clips? This is exactly what a person who takes up the job of video captioning does. Video captioning requires nothing but watching a video and then converting it into word form. It is a type of transcription job except it is a little more complex than audio transcription. Therefore, the pay is a little higher than ordinary transcriptionists. To make the captions, the first thing is to watch a video completely. Next, convert everything which is said in the video in a textual form that runs like subtitles.

Data Entry

Computers have already taken over humans in almost all job sectors. But when it comes to converting the handwritten scripts/data etc into the machine acceptable form, humans are still required. Therefore, to do a data entry job you don’t really need any skills except for fluent English and typing. Moreover, you don’t even have to acquire any knowledge to get started. You have all the data; you just have to sort it out for individuals and companies and they will pay you for the same. this is one of the easiest and most common online jobs for students.

Selling Art

Many students like to do painting, sketching, drawing portraits, etc. as a pastime hobby. These activities that you do for fun can actually help you to earn a little extra pocket money for yourself. Gone are the days when exhibitions and galleries were in Trend. Today, no matter what type of an artist you are, the people who value art and hold it sacred will buy it from you on the internet. So, if you are an artist, never let your effort get wasted. Step up and sell your art pieces. Now you may be thinking about how to do this? Well, the first step is to make your own website where you can display the pictures of your creation. Additionally, Instagram pages can not only get you came but also clients will actually get their paintings made by you.

Final Thought

Consistency and originality are key here, so if you are wondering how to earn money online in India then, these options are a must-try. The good thing is that these online jobs are easily accessible to everyone, and starting a job without investments is not that tough especially for students. Moreover, if your creative brain cells aren’t warming up to any of the other online jobs for students, then perhaps this is for you. When compared with other part-time jobs, these are much more flexible.

Accordingly, you don’t even need any degree to start with them. There are no fixed schedules, no more meeting grumpy people you don’t even like, and no more forced small talks. Working freely from anywhere and everywhere using the internet is not a bad deal after all. To summarize, all the above options require only basic skills and as you must have heard ‘Practice makes anyone perfect’ so just pick what suits you and go for it. It doesn’t hurt to try, and you will never know what might happen if you don’t take the first step!

So, all the best for utilizing your time and filling your pockets!

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