How to earn money in share market daily

How to earn money in share market daily

Two common ways of earning money are working for someone (salary) or self-employment (business). Both require valuable time on skills learning, early investment, and efforts to grow the economy.

If you are stuck with a 9-to-5 job then you will not have enough time to test any other job to make extra money. Your wealth will be limited to what you can save on your salary.


If you want to start a business then your investment will be in serious danger if your business fails


Making money in the share market requires just a few things


Initial investment (as little as Rs. 10,000)

Internet connection

Trading account

Appropriate investment information.



Earn 1000 Daily from the share market


If you invest a lot of money, it will be easier to make Rs. 1000 daily. Ideally, you should start with Rs. 50,000 of this return. You may start with a small amount of margin money but you will need to devote more time to getting winning jobs.


Time Required


You will need to spend at least one hour planning your daily trading, which will include


Picking the right share

Study chart

Identify entry / exit rates

Deciding your strategy

Once you enter the trade, you will not need to monitor your trading for all trading hours if you strictly follow your trading plan and simply enter your goal and stop loss orders.


If you choose the right share and use the right strategy then you can make a profit even if the share goes down. (That’s called shortening shares, details later)


How to earn money in share market daily in India in 2021


  1. Intraday share Trading

You need to find ‘trendy’ shares, which means that shares have a chance of going up or down during the day. Check out the sub-shares for news releases, announcements or new business acquisitions.


Such shares are published daily on financial websites such as ET and MoneyControl.


For example, Glenmark Pharma was the leading share after the day they announced they were making the COVID drug. The share increased by 30% on the same day.


2.The Future and Options

There are some shares in the Futures & Options section of the NSE. In share in the F&O category, there are two other instruments that can be traded – Future and Options.


Future value and options vary according to the base price. Therefore, the future price of reliance depends on the price of the share, the future price of ICICI depends on the price of ICICI and so on.


3.Swing trading

Swing Trading incorporates trading with the intention of holding it for a few days. You will not be able to see Rs. 1000 profit per swing trade daily, but if your trade is right, you can get your paid profit back in a few days.


For example, the government declares that the BPCL is privately owned and the bidding deadline is 31 August. Now, one can form the impression that the share will rise anytime before the deadline, and then buy 500 BPCL units on 5 August.


If this idea seems right, you can earn your targeted profit anytime before the deadline.


Swing trading will also require much more money than domestic trading, as you will have to buy and hold shares or buy futures. With trading options, the required amount will be much lower.


Share market best app


1.Moneycontrol app

2.Economic Times app

3.CNBC app Application

5.IIFL Market app

6.NDTV Profit App

7.share Edge app

8.ET Markets Application

9.BSE India app

10.share Market Live app


Share market books

1.One Up on Wall Street

2.Regular shares and Extra-Profit Benefits

3.Wise Investor

4.Random Walk Down the Road

5.Hitting the road

6.Warren Buffet Essays: Corporate America Studies

7.Wealth shares

8.A Small Book That Strikes the Market

9.Quick Thinking and Walking Down

10.How To Avoid Loss And Get Stable In The share Market


Trade law


  • Never trade on credit
  • Don’t put your money into a trading account that you may need in the next few months
  • It’s better to make less money than to lose a lot of money with one gun (don’t be greedy)
  • Trading is like a battlefield, you can only win if you stay alive. You could lose all your money in the first month itself.
  • Do not follow buying / selling tips but learn to make your own trading strategy
  • Don’t use your entire limit on a single trade. Try not to use more than 50% of your limit on one trade.
  • Do not trade against the trend. Don’t limit share shares or buy share shares
  • Don’t go overboard. Once you have earned your intended daily profit, stop trading for the day
  • If you are making a trade loss, take a break. Loss will affect your judgment and you may incur many losses.
  • When you start losing your sleep with your trade, you are doing something wrong. Take a step back and show.


Share market basic knowledge


Before you start investing in stocks, it is important that you learn what the stock market is and how it works. This is where the shares of various companies are sold. In India, there are two main conversations; National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Investing is the key to a secure and secure future. However, to overcome the impact of inflation, investing in old financial instruments seems insufficient. To get more out of your investment, the Stock Market offers a lucrative opportunity to buy and trade securities such as stocks and options. Angel Broking empowers every investor interested in understanding the functioning of the stock market by providing information on the basics of the stock market, how to trade, the types of financial instruments, and effective trading strategies that offer the best benefits of being more than an average investor.

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